13th SMPA National MD PhD Meeting(1)
Fri, 29 May 2015 - Sat, 30 May 2015

National MD-PhD Conference and General Assembly of the Swiss MD-PhD Association 2015

MD-PhDs are by definition forming the bridge between medicine and the sciences. We are constantly talking about translation and still it is hard to define. What do we understand by translation? How can our research project or clinical trial advance it? What role does industry play and how can we build successful partnerships? This year’s MD-PhD conference will address these questions.
Since industry will be a focus, the conference will take place at the heart of Swiss pharmaceuticals, at the Novartis Campus in Basel.
The Swiss MD-PhD Association is proud to provide a connecting platform for MD-PhD-Students, graduates and other physicians interested in research. The SMPA invites you to network, foster collaborations and get career advice during this annual gathering. Many inspirational keynote lectures and presentations await you. This year’s meeting will include a special session on concerns related to the MD-PhD career pathway as well as the popular mentoring dinner.
Do you think working in industry means “joining the dark side”? Would you like to see first-hand what research in industry actually means? Are you looking for industrial collaboration partners? The SMPA would like to help you gain a better perspective and invites you to volunteer for a more intensive exchange with industry.

place: Novartis Campus, Basel
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European MD/PhD retreat 2015 in Groningen, The Netherlands(1)
Fri, 05 June 2015
Dear MDPhD student,

Do you remember the great MD/PhD conference last year in Switzerland?

As the new organizing board, we are proud to announce the upcoming European MD/PhD Conference 2015 in Groningen. Please take a look at the information in the attached letter and let our enthusiasm ignite yours!

We hope that not only you will be attending the European MD/PhD Conference 2015, but also that many of your MD/PhD peers and colleagues will be there. Please, help us spread the word and notify your friends, lab partners and faculty as well!

Are you enthusiastic and do you want to be kept up to date our latest news? Please take a look at our website and enroll for our newsletter. You can also e-mail us at eumdphd@umcg.nlfor all your questions.

We are looking forward to seeing you on June 5th, 2015 in Groningen, The Netherlands!

Kind regards,

Ruben V.C. Buijs
International Communications Director
European MD/PhD Conference 2015
MD-PhD researcher // Department of Vascular Surgery
University Medical Center Groningen, The Netherlands
Groningen, The Netherlands
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