Dear Member of the SMPA,


More than a year has passed since our last general assembly. A year full of activity and full of change. Three quarters of the SMPA board members changed. With the old went experience and the non-verbal understanding of a well-rehearsed team. With the new came fresh ideas, motivation and courage. I feel very honoured to preside over this innovative new board, while maintaining some of our well-rehearsed „old“ ways.


As a thing both old and new, we managed to revive the local MD-PhD meetings at most of the major locations, including Basel, Lausanne, Geneva and Zürich. We invited you to share with us your concerns and wishes, which we will continue to listen to and attempt to act on.
We also helped fund a scientific retreat organised by the EPFL and open to PhD and MD-PhD students.


Thanks to André Dos Santos Rocha, current chair of the European MD-PhD Association, surrounding this year’s general assembly is a full-scale international conference of like minded physician scientists. To support this further, we have made an effort to co-create the ICCSTO, an international collaboration of clinician scientist training organisations. We hope that you, dear member, will be able to profit from this collaboration by receiving all the necessary support and motivation to connect and work internationally.


A. Todorov, president of the SMPA

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