1. What does MD PhD mean?
2. What is the Swiss MD PhD program and what is it good for?
3. Who organizes the Swiss MD PhD program?
4. Who is eligible to enter the Swiss MD PhD program?
5. Is the program international?
6. How should I prepare my application?
7. What documents are required? How long does the application have to be?
8. What is the current deadline for submission of applications?
9. What is the granted salary?
10. What is my financial investment if I sign up to the MD PhD program?
11. How many grants are issued each year?
12. How does the selection procedure of candidates work?
13. Who is evaluating my submission?
14. How long does it take from the application to the decision?
15. When will the money be available once a candidate has been accepted in the program?
16. What are the evaluation criteria?
17. What happens if -for any reason- I have to change my laboratory after having been accepted in the program?
18. Whom can I contact in the case of problems during my MD PhD studies?
19. My institution requires me to work as a teaching assistant. Do I have to do this?
20. Can I do a part of my MD PhD work abroad?
21. Will the FMH recognize my research time for the specialization (FMH title)?
22. I still have some questions. Whom can I contact?
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