1. What does MD PhD mean?
2. What is the Swiss MD PhD program and what is it good for?
3. How is the Swiss MD PhD program organised?
4. Who is eligible to enter the Swiss MD PhD program?
5. How should international medical / dentistry / veterinary graduates apply?
6. How should I prepare my application?
7. Which documents are required?
8. What is the current deadline for submission of applications?
9. Who decides on the admission?
10. What salary can I hope for as an MD-PhD student?
11. What is the selection procedure for an SNF MD-PhD grant?
12. How long does it take from the application to the decision?
13. What are the evaluation criteria?
14. What happens if I have to change my laboratory after having been accepted to the program?
15. My institution requires me to work as a teaching assistant. Is this necessary?
16. Can I do a part of my MD PhD work abroad?
17. Will the FMH recognise part of my research time for the specialisation (FMH title)?
18. I still have some questions. Whom can I contact?
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