The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) is the most important Swiss agency promoting scientific research. It supports, as mandated by the Swiss Federal government, all disciplines, from philosophy and biology to the nanosciences and medicine.
The SAMS promotes research and of the professional training of the coming generation of physicians and physician-scientists primarily in the Swiss environment.
The Swiss Science and Technology Council is the advisory body to the Federal Council for issues related to science, higher education, research and technology policy.
The Swiss Academy of Sciences has been committed to the establishment and development of the sciences to provide a network of knowledge for the benefit of society.
Swiss-wide business plan competition to support young entrepreneurs in founding a company, held biannually
The CRUS represents the Swiss universities towards political authorities, economy, social and cultural institutions and the public.
The Swiss University Conference is the joint organization of the cantons and the Confederation for university politics.
The SMPA is very grateful for the long lasting, close and efficient collaboration with its US partner organization APSA.
The platform for MD-PhD and MD-MSc students in Zurich
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